120 Ranelagh, Dublin 6


Take-Out & delivery daily 4pm to 10pm. We are experiencing a high volume of calls at peak hours, so please bear with us.

We can only process a certain amount of orders in each 15 minute slot, so as slots fill up we will keep social media platforms up to date as quickly as possible.

Take-Out : 

To place a Take-Out or collection order please call o1-5385200 or text your order to 087-8067215 (TEXT NUMBER ONLY), please include the name of the person collecting the order.

We will call you back to process payment.

Delivery :

Area covered is roughly 5km from Ranelagh.

To place a delivery order on the day please call 01-5385200 after 12pm.

To pre-order delivery for the following day or a few days in advance please email contact@nightmarket.ie.

We will call you back to process payment.

Menus : 

Take-Out & Home Delivery Menu

Take Out Kids Menu

Take Out & Delivery Drinks

If you require any assistance or collection/delivery of anything locally (e.g. from shops) please let us know. We will have drivers in the Ranelagh area daily.

Thank you all sincerely for your continued support & kind messages. We will all work through this together & support each other.

Best wishes, from Conor, R & all the Nightmarket team